SUNDAY JOINT, 5-19-2019: EOS 2.0 IS LIVE

Hey All,

It took 18 months (I guessed six when we started, ha!), but Encyclopedia of Surfing 2.0 is finally up—stripped and ripped and rebuilt front to back, inside and out. Click here and jump right in if you like. Or read on to find out what’s new.

MORE PRICING AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: Still three bucks a month if you want to go that way, but now there’s an annual plan too ($30), a gift subscription (also $30), and two new payment options: PayPal and Amazon. This would be a good place to mention that EOS itself doesn’t do the financial transactions, meaning we don’t even see your credit card or bank info; everything runs through Stripe (credit cards), Amazon or PayPal. They ding us a bit for the service. In return, your payment gets top-level safety and security.

BETTER SEARCH FUNCTION: For the last couple years, Encyclopedia of Surfing has actually been three connected but distinct websites. If you did a search on Encyclopedia, for example, you’d get EOS results, but nothing from History of Surfing or Above the Roar. In 2.0, all the sites are merged, which means a search anywhere will produce results from across the site. Type in “greenough” and you’ll get 24 hits, broken down like this:

Encyclopedia of Surfing

Click the “Encyclopedia” tab and you get 13 hits. Click “History,” you get three hits, and so on. And that leads us to. . . .

NEW SECTIONS: In the image above, you’ll recognize Encyclopedia, History, and Roar. The new EOS sections are Contests, Surfboards, and Video. At the moment, just Video is active; Contests and Surfboards are designed and built, but not yet live. When will that happen? I say 2020, and dammit, I will not blow that deadline!

READ AND BURN – OR, SON OF SUNDAY JOINT: The Sunday Joint newsletter is my new favorite part of EOS. Not only is it a joy to write, it’s also provided the best and most direct connection to you guys. At the risk of overplaying my hand, I’ve added another subscriber-only email feature called Read and Burn, which will go out two or three times a week. Read and Burn will mostly be odds and ends that catch my eye but don’t fit elsewhere on the site. All EOS subscribers will be opted-in. If you want out, just go to your account page and uncheck the box next to "Read and Burn." Remember: EOS will never sell or give any of your user information to a third party.

Before I go, a bouquet of Thank Yous to designer Ryan Mahar, who has been part of the EOS online project since it was but a glint in my eye, and is responsible for making this thing the sexy beast it is. And the same to developer Mark Augias, our Boy in Brighton, who ripped the whole thing down and built anew using titanium and nanobots and cold fusion.

Finally, thanks to all of you, subscribers and donors, for being so patient while we pieced it all together. I think it’ll have been worth the wait. Meanwhile, up here in Seattle, we’re gonna pop a few corks, raise a toast to Diderot and Wordpress and Nespresso, sleep in tomorrow, then get back to it.

See you next Sunday,